HELLAS LED – Vacuum Exposure Unit (Single/Double Sided)

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Bungard HELLAS LED vacuum exposure unit

HELLAS LED – High precision vacuum exposure unit designed for single/double sided contact exposure of presensitized base materials, such as tampon printing clichés, PCBs, front-panels, daylight films and other UV sensitive coatings.
Available in 4 different models.
ATTENTION | At order entry, please indicate in the notes the required wavelength from those available: 365 / 380 / 405 nm.

The video shows a previous model equipped with neon light: HELLAS LED features the same structure but without amperometer and cooling fan (no longer necessary).

Typical applications
Positive or negative photo-coated PCBs, printing plates made of nylon, aluminum, steel and diazo and transfer films.
Suitable for photosensitive products with spectral sensitivity in the chosen UV range (to be indicated at order entry): 365 nm, 380 nm, 405 nm.


  • Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Quick start: < 1 sec
  • LED lifespan: +/- 10­000 hours
  • Special reflectors for minimum undercut
  • Lower exposure surface: 8 mm special glass
  • Upper exposure area: mylar foil in a sturdy frame
  • Sturdy steel housing
  • Maintenance-free vacuum pump (>60%) with gauge display, 1380 l/hour continuous rating
  • Digital timer (1 sec. / 9 min. 59 sec.) with count-down, auto-reset and beeper
  • Suitable for fine-line PCBs
  • In the double sided models, a separate choice for upper and lower exposure is possible.

Models available:

Model UV LED
Inner dimensions Max. exposure area
Weight Wavelength options
(to be indicated at order entry)
Double sided
2 x 84
620 x 650 x H240 mm³ approx. 570 x 300 mm²
approx. 40 kg
365 / 380 / 405 nm
Double sided
2 x 84 680 x 650 x H240 mm³ approx. 570 x 360 mm² approx. 45 kg 365 / 380 / 405 nm
Single sided
84 620 x 650 x H240 mm approx. 570 x 300 mm* approx. 40 kg 365 / 380 / 405 nm
Single sided
84 680 x 650 x H240 mm approx. 570 x 360 mm
approx. 45 kg 365 / 380 / 405 nm

* Optional: 585 x 320 mm

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