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  • flussante_stannol_1

    164103 Stannol Flux EF250, alcohol based, 2.5L
    (SKU: 101429B)

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    32,31/Pz 26,48 + Taxes add to basket
  • sn100c_1

    330102 Stannol LF alloy SN100C Sn99,3Cu0,7 in bars
    (SKU: 071990A)

    31,54/Kg 25,85 + Taxes add to basket
  • CSC-contenitore-ESD

    40CSC ESD Store-Container (578x389x410h mm)
    (SKU: 40CSC)

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    18,24/Pz 14,95 + Taxes add to basket
  • Weller WTQB 1000 Rework Station

    53388699 Weller WTQB 1000 Rework Station
    (SKU: T0053388699)

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    12.429,36 10.188,00 + Taxes add to basket
  • t0053429699_wxd2020_weller_1

    53429699 WXD2020 Desoldering station 255W
    (SKU: T0053429699)

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    1.195,60/Pz 980,00 + Taxes add to basket
  • flussante_stannol_1

    830392 Stannol Flux WF300S, water based, 25L
    (SKU: 101425A)

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    8,42/Pz 6,90 + Taxes add to basket

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White chartoon character with headset, table, notebook and swivel chair.

Tel +39.02.26 94 11

Monday to Friday
08:30 – 12:30 / 13:30 -18:00

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Special Offers

  • Weller soldering station WX1012

    53427699 WX1012 Digital soldering station 200W
    (SKU: T0053427699)

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    648,06/Pz 531,20 + Taxes add to basket
  • Sale! Beta wrenches 55/B8 000550158

    55/B8 Beta set of 8 double open end wrenches
    (SKU: 000550158)

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    65,88 46,24 37,90 + Taxes add to basket
  • Sale! 575E Erem Tip Cutter 115mm

    575E Erem Tip Cutter 115mm
    (SKU: 575E)

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    75,64 59,78 49,00 + Taxes add to basket
  • T0058755782_termosensore_tipo_k_1

    58755782 Thermoelement Type K, Ø 0, 1 mm
    (SKU: T0058755782)

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    160,67/Pz 131,70 + Taxes add to basket
  • sn95.5ag3.8cu0.7_kr511_stannol_1

    593202 Solder wire Stannol LF Sn95.5Ag3.8Cu0.7 KR511 Ø0.7mm
    (SKU: 071982B)

    35,08/Pz 28,75 + Taxes add to basket
  • Sale! Crescent cutting plier PS5429C

    8″ Pro Series diagonal compound action cutting pliers
    (SKU: PS5429C)

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    30,38 16,96 13,90 + Taxes add to basket
  • Sale! Beta 900/C13-5 009000953

    900/C13-5 13 Beta hexagon sockets and 5 accessories
    (SKU: 009000953)

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    165,31 112,85 92,50 + Taxes add to basket
  • Sale! nastro_adesivo_imballo_logo_esd_131726i_1

    Adhesive packaging tape with ESD logo 50mm x 33m
    (SKU: 131726I)

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    4,88 2,44 2,00 + Taxes add to basket

You can find El.Mi Srl on Pubblica Amministrazione portal, category PROMAS11

Discontinued Products

  • Sale! Ugello_lechler_600130ac_1

    (SKU: PA0047A)

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    24,28 15,74 12,90 + Taxes add to basket
  • 519936 Weller Wire Wrap Tool

    519936 Weller Wire Wrap Tool
    (SKU: 148991A)

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    59,78 49,00 + Taxes add to basket
  • 53308199_wma3v

    53308199 WMA3V Analogic repair and rework station at 890.00€
    (SKU: 148327A)

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    730,78/Pz 599,00 + Taxes add to basket
  • Weller_wd1000hpt_T0053416699

    53416699 WD1000HPT Digital soldering station 120W
    (SKU: T0053416699)

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    461,40/Pz 378,20 + Taxes add to basket
  • 54240899n_ct2e8_punta_saldante_1

    54240899N CT2E8 Genuine Weller soldering tip
    (SKU: T0054240899N)

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    20,98/Pz 17,20 + Taxes add to basket
  • 54428099_1

    54428099 MT-GW Weller tip
    (SKU: 148267A)

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    6,10/Pz 5,00 + Taxes add to basket
  • Sale! A30LLPS 30cc syringe

    A30LLPS – Air-Operated Syringe, 30CC, Luer Lok Tip
    (SKU: 510254A)

    1,16 0,55 0,45 + Taxes add to basket
  • BP10EU_Punta_Weller

    BP10EU Original Weller Round tip 0.8mm
    (SKU: 149317A)

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    6,10/Pz 5,00 + Taxes add to basket
  • BP11EU_Punta_Weller

    BP11EU Original Weller Chiesel tip 1.8mm
    (SKU: 149318A)

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    6,10/Pz 5,00 + Taxes add to basket

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