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El.Mi Srl, with registered office at Largo Fratelli Cervi, 8 – 20090 Vimodrone (Milan), hereby informs you that this website uses the following types of cookies (i.e. small text files that websites visited send to your device, where they are then stored in order to be transmitted back to the same websites on the next visit):

Technical cookies

Those cookies strictly necessary to enable:

  • browsing and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or to log in to restricted areas, “browsing or session cookies”);
  • collection of information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site (“analytics cookies”);
  • browsing according to a series of selected criteria (for example, language, products selected for purchase, “functionality cookies”) in order to improve the service rendered to the same.

These cookies are directly installed by El.Mi Srl and since they are not used for purposes other than those described above, their installation does not require your consent.

Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies are used to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site, in order to improve site’s performance and design. Since they are used personally by the administrator (El.Mi Srl) for this purposes, analytics cookies installation does not require your consent.

For this purposes and in aggregate form, El.Mi Srl uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc.
In addition, El.Mi Srl has enabled Google Analytics Advertising Features; the activation of these features involves data profiling and sharing operations, entailing that your consent for the installation of cookies is required, as detailed in the following paragraph.

Third party profiling cookies

We use third party profiling cookies to send you ads messages targeted on your interests, and to consent social media sharing of our contents on your social media account.
These cookies are installed by third parties other than El.Mi Srl and their installation requires your consent; in its absence they will not be installed.

We therefore provide below the links to the privacy disclosures of the third parties where you can express your consent to the installation of such cookies, pointing out that, should you not make any choice and decide nevertheless to accept our cookie policy, you will consent to the use of such cookies (moreover, we inform you that by not accepting our cookie policy, technical cookies won’t be installed too: consequently, some functionalties of the site could not work properly):


Google Analytics Advertising Features

El.Mi Srl has enabled Google Analytics Advertising Features, including:

  • Remarketing with Google Analytics
  • Google Display Network Impression Reporting
  • Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting
  • Integrated services that require Google Analytics to collect data for advertising purposes, including the collection of data via advertising cookies and identifiers

Link to the privacy disclosure and to the tools you can use for controlling and deactivating Google Analytics cookies:

How to disable cookies

On your browser

Most browsers are are setted up for accepting cookies by default, but it’s possible to configure them differently, in order to limit or stop cookie usage.
For mobile devices, it is necessary to refer to the manual instructions of the device.
You can learn more about how to manage or delete cookies on your browser visiting the site


You can manage your consent to the installation of cookies on using the following cookie-control function (we remind you that, by choosing this option, you will disable the usage of all cookies, including technicals, entailing that some functionalities of the website could not work properly anymore):

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Last update: May 25, 2018


Utilizziamo i cookie per fornire un’esperienza di navigazione ottimale del nostro sito, analizzare il nostro traffico, fornire le funzioni dei social media e per poterti inviare pubblicità basata sui tuoi interessi. Inoltre forniamo informazioni sul modo in cui utilizzi il nostro sito ai nostri partner che si occupano di analisi dei dati web, pubblicità e social media, i quali potrebbero combinarle con altre informazioni che hai fornito loro o che hanno raccolto in base al tuo utilizzo dei loro servizi. <b>Accettando acconsenti all'uso di tutti i cookie</b>. Se vuoi saperne di più su come disattivare l'installazione dei cookies clicca qui.

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