SW50 Solder Wave Machine (50kg)

Price on request


SW50 – Solder wave machine designed for soldering PCBs with PTH/SMD technologies.
Suitable for use with both leaded and lead-free alloys

Main features

  • SW50 is managed by a PLC (Programmable Logic Cotroller), through which you can set any parameter of the machine: it can recall up to 20 stored programs
  • The welding machine has a solder frame system on which are put the electronic boards that have to be welded
  • Preheating is composed of a IR panel which is protected by a PYREX glass in the upper part. Through the PLC is possible to stop the electronic board to be soldered up to 90 seconds
  • The lead-free treated solder pot has very easy cleaning and mantainance functionalities
  • The SW50 standard version works only in foam fluxing mode (with porous stone) –  Spray fluxing mode is also available by adding an optional kit (NOT included).


  • Solder pot capacity: 50 kg
  • Warm up: approx. 80 min.
  • Flux application mode: Foam
  • PCB max. dimensions: 260 × 400 mm
  • Machine dimensions: 1400 x 700 x 600h mm
  • Assembled machine dimensions: 2000 mm
  • Weight (unloaded): approx. 90 kg
  • Weight (full load): approx. 140 kg
  • Melting pot power: 2.5 kw
  • Pre-heating power: 3.2 kw
  • Total power: 5.6 kw
  • Power supply: 380 V three-phase with neutral.

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