PIDManager Software with USB Cable for SAHARA Ovens

Price excluding taxesPrice including taxes
75,72/Pc 92,38/Pc
Product Code: PIDMKIT


PIDManager software for SAHARA and SAHAHA DRY ovens, supplied with USB specific connection cable.
All ovens in this series are equipped with internal data logger, so that temperature (SAHARA) or temperature/humidity (SAHARA DRY) data can be tracked. PIDManager allows you to view/save/export this information.
The software also allows you to set thermal cycles, useful for carrying out tests and heating/cooling materials selecting a temperature gradient.


  • Compatible OS: Windows XP/…/11
  • Thermal programmer: allows you to edit on your PC and then upload on the digital controller up to 10 programs with 100 steps each. For each step you can manage: setpoint temperature, max. temperature gradient to reach it and duration
  • Sample rate: 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, sec. 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, min.
  • Duration (T) (SAHARA): from 6 hours (1 sec.) to 450 days (30 min.)
  • Duration (T+RH%) (SAHARA DRY): from 3 hours (1 sec.) to 225 days (30 min.).

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