SAHARA Forced Ventilation Oven for PCB Baking (6 Sizes)

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SAHARA PCB baking oven

SAHARAForced ventilation oven for baking PCBs in accordance with IPC-1602 standard, equipped with safety thermostat and vent opening.
Timer, programmable starting and countdown mode allow you to precisely set baking times.
The digital control is equipped with an internal clock with backup function, in order to mantain the exact date and time even without power supply for up to a week.
By purchasing the PIDManager software separately (NOT included) it is also possible to connect the oven to a PC. This option alows you to trace the oven’s activity through the built-in datalogger (included with each oven). It also allows you to program and execute thermal cycles, useful for testing and heating/cooling materials selecting a temperature gradient.

    Temperature electronic control with PID regulation and multifunction timer
    Temperature range: 40 / 280 °C
    Accuracy: ± 1.5 °C
    Resolution: ± 1 °C
    Modes: Setpoint (the oven reaches the setpoint temperature and stabilises), Countdown from 1 minute to 999 hours and 59 minutes (once the setpoint temperature is reached, the oven keeps it stable until the requested date and time, then turns off), Programmed starting (you can set in advance the date and time the oven will turn on, and at what temperature)
  • Materials: External structure made of epoxy coated steel, Internal structure made of AISI304 stainless steel, Natural mineral fibre thermal insulation, Chromed steel shelves
  • Heating elements have no contact with the internal chamber
  • Height adjustable grid shelves
  • Manually operated vent opening
  • Adjustable safety thermostat, equipped with light alarm and manual reset.
Available sizes:
Capacity Included shelves
Internal dimensions (cm) External dimensions (cm) Power (W) Weight (kg)
40 litres 1 (max. 7) 348 x 312 x 367 H 686 x 515 x 575 H 800 / 230 V 35
60 litres 2 (max. 7) 408 x 372 x 422 H 746 x 570 x 605 H 1200 / 230 V 40
80 litres 2 (max. 8) 458 x 372 x 472 H 796 x 570 x 680 H 1200 / 230 V 45
120 litres 2 (max. 9) 498 x 477 x 512 H 836 x 680 x 720 H 1600 / 230 V 50
250 litres 2 (max. 14) 593 x 522 x 797 H 956 x 730 x 1025 H 3200 / 230 V 90
400 litres (with wheels) 2 (max. 18) 693 x 607 x 980 H 901 x 815 x 1487 H 3200 / 230 V 140

Available accessories (NOT included): Additional shelves, PIDMANAGER software with USB connection cable.
Alternative layouts (on request only): Inspection window (200 x 200 mm), Side hole for cable passage (Ø 50 mm).
Product variation: SAHARA DRY model with temperature and humidity control.

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