LOGSTAT ESD Test Station with Access Log

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Tester for ESD safe wrist-strap and footwear

LOGSTATTester for checking personnel’s grounding before entering an ESD protected area (EPA), equipped with LCD display, RFID reader, operating software and dual-foot electrode to test the right and left footwear separately.
It can be used both in stand-alone and networked modes, even connecting more than one tester. The networked mode allows the person responsible for ESD protection to configure the tester and report data remotely from a computer.
Test results are shown on the LCD display, with LED light and sound. Measured results are stored on an internal SD card.
In the networked mode, the operating software copies test event log files from tester to computer. If you use more than one tester, the software can collect all user data from testers in a user master list. New users can be added to the software uploading a csv file (Name, Card number, Test type).
LOGSTAT can be configured for running tests (excluding the wrist-strap-only mode) in touchless mode, but a RFID card is required. The RFID reader can handle cards that comply with the most known RFID standards.
It can be connected to any type of entrance barrier thanks to the integrated output relay.
For indoor use only.

Scope of supply: Tester with LCD display and RFID reader, Dual-foot electrode, Operating software, Calibration certificate.
ATTENTION | Wall-mounting model. A stand can be purchased separately (NOT included: El.Mi code 640731S).


  • Supply voltage: 12 V DC
  • Test voltage: 100 V DC
  • Wrist strap / groundable smock connection: Male snap (Ø 10 mm) with built-in Banana socket (Ø 4 mm)
  • Test type: WRIST-STRAP – FOOTWEAR* – WRIST-STRAP & FOOTWEAR at the same time*
  • Rs limit values indicated as acceptable by the tester:
    Wrist-strap/Smock: 750 KΩ – 35 MΩ
    Footwear: 100 KΩ – 100 MΩ (different limits that can be set via software: 100 KΩ – 35 MΩ)
  • Output relay: 0.5 A / 60 V – PASS relay (normally open) with green wire, FAIL relay (normally open) with red wire
  • Dimensions: 300 x 195 x 55 mm (tester), 500 x 490 x 20 mm (footplate)
  • LAN connection (recommended): Ethernet RJ45
  • Operating system: Linux Raspbian
  • It saves the entry data as csv files
  • Compliant with the requirements of IEC 61340-5-1, ANSI/ESD S20.20 and Directive 2001/95/EC (General product safety).

* Programmable to be performed in touchless mode if a RFID card is used (default limits: 750 KΩ – 35 MΩ / 100 KΩ – 200 MΩ).

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