ESD Wrist Strap & Footwear Test Station with Stand

Price excluding taxesPrice including taxes
421,00/Pz 513,62/Pz

Available in 20/30 days


ESD test station with stand

STANDSTAT II – Access control tester to EPA areas, equipped with footplate, stand and instruction panel.
Designed for checking personnel grounding connections
according to IEC 61340-5-1* requirements.
Equipped with internal relay for electric locks opening as standard feature.

Four functioning modes available:

  1. Wrist strap only
  2. Footwear only
  3. Simoultaneous measurement of wrist strap and footwear
  4. Hands-Free: if both footwear measurements pass the test, the internal relay output enables access to the EPA area, without pressing any button.


  • Separated measurement of right and left footwear
  • Test is executed at 50 V or at 100 V for better accuracy
  • Instructions panel’s language: English
  • Power supply: 9 V internal or 9 Vdc external battery
  • ISO 9000 traceable calibration certificate is included.

Limit values

Wrist strap 750 KOhm 35 MOhm
Footwear 0 – 100 KOhm
10 – 35 – 40 – 100 – 200 MOhm

1 GOhm for the Atex compliant version*

* ATEX compliant version available on request only.

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