WAVE LED ESD Magnifying Glass with Light (171x114mm, 3.5/5di)

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Luxo WAVE LED ESD magnifying lamp

WAVE LED ESD Luxo series bench magnifier with light by Vision Engineering.
Anti-static ESD safe version of the standard model, WAVE LED ESD offers shadow-free magnification and 3D viewing with an independently controlled left and right illumination. The 3D-feature is especially useful when working with circuit boards and similar delicate objects in inspection and rework applications.
Luxo series magnifiers incorporate the same design excellence adopted throughout Vision’s award-winning stereo microscopes, providing maximum clarity, flexibility and stability.

Available sizes (Dioptres): 3.5 (El.Mi code 151511A), 5.0 (El.Mi code 151511B).
Variations: UV lighting, Standard version (non-antistatic) with LED or UV lighting
Accessories (NOT included): STAYS additional lenses – Benchkam camera for image capturing and sharing.


    2 x 6W LED modules, partialisable (right/left)
    3-step adjustment: 0 – 50 – 100 %
    Lighting (279mm working distance, 11″): 4600 lux
    Correlated colour temperature (CCT): 4000°K
    Colour rendering index (CRI): 80
    Auto-off function.
    Rectangular crown glass lens: 3.5 di (1.88 x), 5 di (2.25 x)
    Dimensions: 171 x 114 mm (6.7 x 4.4”).
    Fully-enclosed neck
    “Hands free” design: no knobs to tighten, nothing to adjust
    A flexible and self-balancing arm with friction-free connection to the head ensures easy and exact positioning
    Material: Steel stand with aluminium head – Colour: Black
    Stand technology: High-resistance internal parallel spring (1143mm, 45”), Three-section articulated K arm
    Table mounting: Fixing clamp (other possibilities are available on request).

Magnification range with additional lenses:

For a larger magnification range you can add STAYS lenses (NOT included) to the main one, obtaining a maximum magnification of 4.75x, as described in the table below.

Vision Luxo WAVE Bench Magnifiers - Magnification Range

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