DELUXE Vacuum Welding Machine (600mm, 2 Models)

Price excluding taxesPrice including taxes
4.747,00/Pc   –   4.848,00/Pc5.791,34/Pc   –   5.914,56/Pc


Vacuum sealer with 600 mm sealing bar

Quickly creates a perfect vacuum with any type of bag

EM600DXHigh-efficiency Deluxe line vacuum welding machine equipped with pneumatic nozzle and 600 mm sealing bar (single or double).
Fully programmable, foot operated, ESD-safe.
It allows to carry out nitrogen cycles by adding an additional kit (NOT included).

Available models:

  • Single sealing bar (149411S) – Suitable for ESD barrier bags with thickness up to 90 µm
  • Double sealing bar (149411U) – Suitable for ESD barrier bags with thickness up to 150 µm.

Alternative models: With 450 mm sealing bar (single or double) – With integrated nitrogen flushing kit (450 or 600 mm sealing bar, single or double).

The machine needs external compressed air for operating, and it needs a compressor with a capacity above 250 NI/min.
The pressure of compressed air supplied to the machine should be set at 5~6.5 kgf/cm².
If the supplied compressed air exceeds 7 kgf/cm², the machine could get damaged. In the other hand, if the compressed air is less than 4.5 kgf/cm², there can be malfunctionings.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg



Vacuum seal




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