County-S Motorized Counting Machine for SMD Components

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2.606,01/Pc 3.179,33/Pc

Available in 15/20 days


County-S EVO for taped SMD component counting. This machine works in a simple way by counting the holes on the tape.

This machine can operate in two different ways:

  • Totalizer: components are counted from a zero reference, tape feed is motorized and the counter automatically stops at the tape end, to prevent loss of the total.
  • Preset mode: the desired component number is keyed on the keyboard and the counter automatically stops when it reaches the corresponding component.

All functions are easy to operate by the help of interactive messages on the graphic display.
In the count screen are always visible:
– Counting direction
– Pitch number (holes per component)
– Working mode (Totalizer, Preset or Rewind)
– Name of the operator
– Components counted
– Date & Time or the last barcode reading.

Technical features:

  • Display: 6 digits high efficiency leds
  • Maximum counting speed: 220 pc/sec (1 piece per hole)
  • Accuracy: ±1 piece
  • Holes per component: divider from 1 to 99 (and multiplier 2,3,4 for 0402, 0201 and 01005 components)
  • Maximum tape height: 56mm
  • Maximum reel diameter: 400mm (standard configuration), 650mm (with 8301.150 support)
  • Display: blue LCD with led backlight 160×104 pixel, visible area 74x46mm
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Step by step mode (1 component at a time)
  • Empty pocket check (optional)
  • Barcode reader input
  • Serial connection for label printer or PC
  • Selection of the operator (10 operators can be memorized with 8 alphanumerical chars everyone)
  • Internal clock (1 week backup)
  • Datalogger that stores the last 500 counting data
  • Memory storage for subtotals
  • 2 side handles for easy transport


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