Air Sanitizer – Kills Vrus and Bacteria (54W)

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PURE AIR – Air sanitizer

Air Sanitizer against virus and bacteria, Anthracite grey colour, 54W.
Thanks to its aggressive air sanitizing technology, it can reduce the quantity of viruses, bacteria and other hazardous substances in the air and on surfaces, including: H1N1 virus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus albus, Staphylococcus aureus.


  • Sanitize, eliminates surface-bound germs: the controlled ozone concentration levels will proactively oxidize surfacebound germs to ensure the cleanness and hygiene of yhe living space;
  • Sterilize, eliminates airborne germs: with its oxidation capacity, ozone helps eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi while also providing an effective odour control in the air we breathe;
  • Ionize: provides an overall calming effect through millions of negative ions that helps freshen up the indoor air quality. Negative ions also aid for stress relief, boost energy levels and increase overall alertness;
  • Purify, eliminates airbone allergens, removes odours like smoke, smell, pet odours and dust, mites, pollens and other allergens for a better breathing and life quality.


  • Sanitizing technology: Controlled ozone, PCO, Negative ions, UV light
  • Coverage: 279m3
  • Ion concentration: 2 x 106 ⇑/cm3
  • Removal rate: 99.99%
  • Filtering: Washable prefilter
  • Power: 54W
  • Voltage: DC 38V / 3A (with power supply pack)
  • Noise level: 32dB (set 1), 36dB (set 2), 41dB (set 3), 46dB (set 4), 51dB (set 5)
  • Display: LCD screen.



Additional information

Weight 386 kg
Dimensions 315 × 229 × 280 cm

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