Teraohm-Meter RM 4000 Test-Kit


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ESD Test kit RM-4000 SD

Teraohm-Meter RM 4000 Test-Kit includes:

  • Teraohm-Meter RM 4000 including external temperature and humidity probe, power supply
  • Calibration certificate
  • SD card
  • 2 x five pound electrode
  • Measuring line BNC / banana plug
  • Measuring line banana plug / banana plug
  • Barcode identification labels (100 pcs)
  • 1 x carrying case with foam insert
  • Optional: 1 x concentric ring electrode (for additional information and pricing, ask to our technical staff: commerciale@elmisrl.it)

Terahom Meter RM 4000 – Technical description:

Tester ESD Hand held surface resistance meter for checking the electrical properties of materials.
The meter provides approximate surface resistance readings by measuring the resistance between two parallel rubber conductive probes which are the opposite sides of a square (63x63mm).

The Terahom Meter RM 4000 from EL.MI is a compact and innovative resistivity meter which has an integrated barcode scanner as standard feature or alternatively a RFID-scanner. Moreover this device can be connected with an external temperature and humidity probe and it is equipped with a bi-directional bluetooth interface for fast and direct data exchange with a laptop or PC. The surface resistance, volume resistance and resistance to ground are measured according to IEC 61340 by using a voltage of 10 V or 100 V. The limit values can be set individually within a range of 5 kilo-ohm to 2 tera-ohm with the help of the PC software. A violation of the programmed limits is indicated by a change of color in the display of the meter. The internal memory can save up to 5,000 data sets. The device is controlled intuitively by means of a touch screen.

The documentation of the measuring results of the equipment of an EPA is time-consuming and complex. The Terahom Meter RM 4000 helps to focus on the actual testing, which is facilitated by the included software based on MS-Excel. After assigning a barcode or transponder to a respective measuring object, it is possible to conduct an exact categorization as well as to determine individual limits and the necessary voltage. The classification can be done in four different groups like plant, site, user, inventory number, etc.

The measuring results are stored automatically either internally or externally as txt-file, which can be processed as requested. In this way it is very easy to relate recurrent tests to the respective measuring object as well as to store and to file the outcome. The txt-file consists of the resistance values, the defined category, the measuring voltage, the temperature and humidity values during the test as well as the date and time of the measurement.

The combination of an integrated lithium ion accumulator and a compact housing makes this tester an ideal companion for internal and external audits.

Now also with QR code reader.


  • Resistance measurement in combination with date, time, temperature and humidity data, Indication by means of a touch screen display
  • Central, PC-located database with individual categorization and limits for each measuring object, which is accessed online during each test
  • After each measurement the results are stored in a file on the PC and can be processed there immediately or later on
  • Voltage: 10 V, 100V
  • Range: 5 x 103 to 2 x1012Ohm
  • Accuracy: +/-5%
  • Data storage: SD card (5.000 values)
  • Power supply: Li-ion battery or power supply
  • Weight incl. accumulator: ca. 400 g
  • Dimensions: ca. 210 x 105 x 40 mm

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